We have posted the following excerpt from Chapter 1 of our new book on Medium. The full book, Leading with Strategic Thinking, will be released by Wiley & Sons on April 13, 2015.

Strategic Leadership

We now arrive at the strategic leader. As the central focus of this book, strategic leadership integrates strategic thinking and leadership. The rest of this book will establish and detail our observations regarding how leaders are most effective when seeking insight and driving strategic change. We will examine the key choices they face, the options they should consider, and the way in which they conduct themselves and work with others. We will also highlight where some leaders go wrong when they fail to integrate both strategic thinking and leadership effectively. Strategic thinking without leadership risks becoming an intellectual exercise, as demonstrated by the many strategic plans that gather dust on the shelves of executive offices. Leadership without strategic thinking risks not creating meaningful value, as evident when otherwise effective leaders race down the wrong path or execute a good plan the wrong way. The strategic leader recognizes these risks, and focuses on formulating strategy in a credible way and executing strategy in a planned and purposeful manner. [Continued on Medium...]

AuthorAaron Olson